Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wine Lovers x 22 in South Orange

On Tuesday, March 24, I will meet 22 wine lovers at the elegant Papillon 25 for my South Orange-Maplewood Adult School class, French Wine: An Evening of Tasting and Discovery. I am excited to have such a robust registration for this class, in which I will discuss the wine regions of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, and the Loire Valley. This is the first class I’ve taught in which we will have wine tasting, and I’m selecting at least four representative wines from the regions, so it should be lots of fun. Attendees will be able to learn about what grapes grow where, how the winemaking techniques differ in the regions, and view photos from my recent trips to France. Can’t wait to bring a little bit of la belle France to South Orange, N.J.


  1. Diane, thank you so much for your time. The lecture was great!I am Monique Jean-Pierre; I spoke with you briefly at the end regarding Nice, France and the Rose Wines. I was wondering if you could send me a copy of your slide show presentation. I took some notes but would love to refer to your presentation. I was also wondering if you could recommend a nice sweet white Burgundy, a Chablis and Sauterne. The red Burgundy we tried was very good (Domaine A.F. Gros Hautes Cotes de Nits 2002). It's definitely a purchase I'm going to make.

  2. Monique, I am working getting your request for the presentation fulfilled through the adult school. As for recommendations, Burgundy whites aren't sweet like dessert wines but they can have sweet aromas like candied walnuts. Try a Puligny Montrachet for that. Domaine Alain Geoffroy is whom I visited in Chablis, an excellent producer. As for Sauternes, I've never had a bad one. But the one I brought home from France is Chateau Closiot. You may have to hunt these down online if you can't find in local stores. Cheers, Diane