Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Diane Letulle--Manhattan Wine Examiner

I’ve had a range of jobs in my life – working in marketing, public relations, doing freelance writing, even teaching music—but I’ve rarely been so excited about taking on a new role. I’m very pleased to announce that I am now the Manhattan Wine Examiner.
That means I get to take one of my favorite activities—checking out wine in New York City—and write about it for a national web site.
I recently went downtown to visit City Winery. My first post focuses on the After-Work Backyard BBQ free music series (check out the slideshow), but follow-up articles will include an interview with the founder Michael Dorf and news about their custom crush program.
Please check in with the site often, and if you have recommendations for a Manhattan wine event, store, or program that you think I should examine, please feel free to let me know.
I’ll still be posting to this blog, but I hope you’ll visit me at the examiner. Cheers!