Wednesday, September 20, 2017

NJ Native Danny Marcus Brings His Italian Wine Dream Home

Danny Marcus moved to Italy for romance, but soon had a second love in Bella Italia – the country’s wine. With years of effort, he now has his own wine label and he’s seeking distribution in the United States.

The whimsical name, Mood, conveys Danny’s idea that wine tasting notes aren’t that useful to the average consumer. Instead, being able to tell imbibers that this wine is great for this mood is what Danny’s wine vision is all about.

The first wine under the label is “Sweet on You” – and, no, it’s not a sweet wine at all. The name is meant to evoke a little romance, which Danny believes is a good pairing for it.  It’s actually a
blend of Sangiovese and Syrah.  Danny works with winemakers in Emilia Romagna to develop the blend of his wine, is looking to create a white wine next. For now, he’s focusing on spreading the gospel of wine that evokes a certain feeling. Best of luck to this Jersey native as he lives his Italian wine dream!

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