Monday, November 24, 2008

What pairs well with art?

I am departing from the wine talk for a moment to tell you about James Horner, a fascinating upcoming artist whose work can be viewed at .
I suggest pouring yourself a good red--maybe the Muirwood Pinot Noir I enjoyed this weekend (a well structured Californian heavy on the French oak, but then, that’s how I like it)—and clicking through his wonderful new website.
James’ fluid style is very evocative. The emotions that one finds in watercolors like Anxiety and Turnaround are stirring. He captures faces in an entirely unique way, as his beautiful piece Landing shows (the painting on the home page). His originality is expressed in a number of evolving styles, from the moody self-portrait to the wildly colored Olympia Going Strong.
So, go ahead, have a little “cultcha” with your wine. It’s a pairing that’s hard to beat.

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