Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wine Blogging Wednesday #45--Old World Riesling

Straw colored, with lemons and a touch of honeysuckle on the nose, the Hugel Riesling 2004 I tried was fresh, fruit-forward, and highly acidic. In fact, it cried out for food to soften the acids. I was having one of those, I’m not eating dinner nights (who says cooking has to happen 7 nights a week?) and I buttered some water crackers and happily munched. The acid from the wine was softened by the butterfat, which would translate easily to a more civilized evening enjoying sole with buerre blanc. I’m partial to bone-dry Riesling, and I am more familiar with the Alsatian ones than German. Hugel is Appellation Alsace Contrôlleé and very reasonably priced at $15.99. The winemaking tradition in this region is centuries old: the Hugel family has made wine there since 1639--talk about the family business! Michael Franz said in France Magazine that Alsatian Riseling is “the most lamentably under-appreciated of France’s greatest wines.” I am discovering more about Alsatian wines all the time, having blogged recently about a complex grand cru Gewurtztraminer and a fascinating Sylvaner. I’m loving learning about this wine region, and the Hugel & Fils Riesling is one more winner from eastern France.


  1. Thanks for joining us this month Diane. Hugel is one of my old standby producers from Alsace. They have yet to disappoint me.

    Tim Elliott

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, Tim. The more I learn about Riesling the more I wonder why it's not offered on more wine lists.

  3. If anyone would like to read Michael Franz's complete article on Riesling, it can be found at

    (or go to francemagazine.org, click on "back issues" and then again on No. 80.

    Best regards,
    Melissa Omerberg
    Senior Editor, France Magazine

  4. Thanks, Melissa. I'll put the link on the post, too.

  5. Hello Diane!
    Thanks for your comment in my blog. I do want to try a Riesling from the Alsace some time - so far I've enjoyed a few from Germany only. I envy your travels in France and hope to do as such some day as well.

  6. Hi Diane! I saw your comment on the NYTimes blog post about passion relating to financial success and had to check out your blog. I'm also a blogger with a full-time job planning on writing a book. My blog focuses on affordable eco-travel destinations -- http://greenpostcards.typepad.com. Just wanted to give a writer with a similar dream an encouraging shout out -- Keep going! We can do it! I might also hit you up for travel writing tips in the future. I'm just starting out pitching ideas to mags (I've done health-related freelance writing in the past). Got my first rejection letter today, so I'm on my way! (Got to get past that first one, huh?) All the best and good luck.

  7. Sounds like you had as much fun with your Riesling as I did on this Wine Blogging Wednesday!