Wednesday, March 5, 2008

WBW #43 – My Comfort Wines

Wine is many things at many times—-convivial when shared with friends, romantic when poured with a lover, celebratory when free-flowing at a party. But one of the nicest things that wine can be is a comfort.
When my muscles ache and my mind is spent, there’s a ritual that soothes me body and soul. I turn on the tap to the hottest water and fill the tub (yes, I use bubbles). I light a candle. If I’m really into it, I’ll put on Enya. Then I go into the kitchen and take out a lovely little cordial glass and pour something sweet.
I have a bottle of Taylor Fladgate 10 year old Tawny Port that is my go-to unwinding wine. I fill the glass to the brim and slip into the tub. Aahhh. I’ll stay there for half an hour, and sometimes I’ll call to my husband to bring me a little more. The nutty, caramel flavor and stronger alcohol work like charms for me.
One reason this is so calming is the ritual of sipping. It immediately slows everything down. I savor the liquid in my mouth. I breathe its aroma deeply.
I also like to fill my cordial glasses with ice wine. We picked up a bottle when we were on Niagara-on-the-Lake from Chateau des Charmes. The Vidal grape produces honey-like wine that is satisfyingly mouth-filling. And for my most decadent evenings: Sauternes. The only wine I packed in my suitcase from my trip to Bordeaux was a bottle of Chateau Closiot Sauternes. So perfumed was this wine that it was like drinking flowers. I was transported when I sipped this treasure.

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