Friday, March 21, 2008

Bracing Myself

Unlike wine aging in a bottle, we humans can actually keep tweaking things to improve ourselves as we, um, mature. Such high hopes led me to getting braces later than most. Yesterday my orthodontist bound my clear ceramic braces with a chain of transparent stretchy plastic. The problem? That plastic stains like crazy, and red wine and coffee (two of my favorite things) are the worst culprits.
It was on my mind last night as I headed out to meet my friends at Pershing Square, a bustling spot down the block from Cipriani’s fabulous event facility (from the glass front, I could peer in at the lucky ones basking in the glow of a purple light, being feted under the high, high ceiling. Please—anyone—invite me to a party there).
Once at the restaurant, which faces the magnificently-restored Grand Central Terminal, I chose the mushroom risotto and roast chicken. The J. Lohr 2006 Chardonnay was an excellent accompaniment: crisp, light fruit, a whiff of oak. So that, my friends, is the answer. A lot more non-staining white wine. If last night is any indication, it could be a wonderful thing.

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  1. What about using a straw to drink red wine and coffee? I know a lot ofpeople who drink coffee with a straw after having their teeth profesionally whitened. Can you get appropriate sipping technique for wine with a straw?