Thursday, January 10, 2008

That Extra Bottle

My family threw a big party over the holidays, and a lot of our guests brought wine. Which resulted in me having a bottle of Yellow Tail Chardonnay left over. I wasn’t going to hold on to that one (unlike the bottle of Chablis from a friend who knows my taste better). I decided that my book club meeting was the perfect place to unload, I mean, share the bottle. We discussed Suite Francaise, a beautifully written tale of the Nazi occupation of France. As we analyzed the complex story of more than a dozen different characters, we enjoyed the kinds of snacks that make bookclub a good place to come hungry: nacho dip, cheese and crackers, one-bite cupcakes, Oreos with peppermint cream, a full box of Russell Stover Chocolates. The hostess was charming, but no oenophile: she handed me the corkscrew to open the bottle. It was amazing how a little wine relaxed the ladies and enlivened the conversation. The Yellow Tail tasted fine. And on a night like this, the wine didn’t have to be expensive or complicated or nuanced. It just had to be there. Now, if I could only unload that extra beer


  1. Sounds like an enchanting literary experience enhanced by the Yellow Tail.
    Unloading the extra beer may not be so delightful.

  2. I'll take the beer.
    How much nacho dip did you eat?

  3. Darling, Joli, you've guessed your re-gift.

  4. And I appreciate your thoughtfulness! Let me know if you like your new CD.