Sunday, August 19, 2012

Top Five Impressions from 2012 Wine Bloggers Conference

I'm flying home from my seventh wine bloggers conference--I've been to four out of five in North America and three out of four in Europe. WBC12 was another well run event which brought together the ever-growing wine blogging community.
Here are my top five impressions from the 2012 Wine Bloggers Conference:
#1 Oregon is even more beautiful than I expected.
Having never been to the Pacific Northwest, I was truly looking forward to coming here. As I was Stand up Paddleboarding on the Columbia River, I looked up and saw snow capped Mount Hood rising over pine-covered hills. Its magnificence took my breath away.
#2 Oregonians are incredibly nice.
As an East Coaster, I was blown away by the genuine niceness, consideration, and polite demeanor of the natives. Even the briefest encounters included pleasant conversation and warm smiles.
#3 The people are the best part of wine blogger conferences.
I have so many friends in this community that I spent nearly the entire first evening just squealing and hugging as I saw each familiar face. But I also made what could be a valuable new contact and solidified another important relationship.
#4 Oregon doesn't make one-size-fits-all wine.
Every wine lover knows about Oregon Pinot Noir, but I discovered it can be stylistically all over the map: big, spicy, and dense with fruit, or delicate, pale, and earthy. Plus, with Pinot Gris, Syrah,and many more, the state has a lot of varieties to try.
#5 Wine blogging isn't going anywhere.
Five years ago when our small (less than 150) group of bloggers descended upon Santa Rosa, California, for the first Wine Bloggers Conference, we had no idea how this community would grow. This year, there were more than 350 attendees. I met many people who began their blogs just this year, and, amazingly we all are finding something different to say about this seductive beverage.


  1. Cheers to 2012. May WBC13 bring new friendships and learning opportunities to the forefront! Until next year...

  2. Great succinct summary, and one I echo completely. Event is so busy, how is it we didn't get to connect at all? Or pour my new wines for you? :)
    Hope to see you at WBC13 if not before, cheers!

  3. It was my first of hopefully many. Very well done...

  4. Pamela, I'm also looking forward to WBC13! Thanks for visiting.

  5. William, thanks for your kind words, and sorry I didn't try your wines there! Perhaps in NYC.

  6. Dear "drunken cyclist", thanks for your comment and stopping by!