Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Cocktail - Choya Cherry Blossom

When the wine being poured is just so so, it's nice to reach for a specialty cocktail. Last night the whites at the New York Travel Massive, a monthly gathering of travel industry and blogger types, were showing their age. And, just like Grandma's wedding dress, we're sure they were lovely back in the day. But now, just like old satin, these were yellow and no longer fresh. For example, a 2008 Albarino should not be poured for anyone you like.
On the upside, the bartender Peter was mixing up refreshing cocktails, Choya Cherry Blossoms. Choya is a brand of Japanese Plum Brandy, and, at 14.5 alcohol, it's not nearly as potent as grape based brandy. However, the drink had plenty of kick from Tanqueray gin, a summer mixer if ever there was one. The result is a slightly sweet, slightly sour, fizzy treat. Here's the full recipe:

Choya Cherry Blossom
2 parts Choya Plum Brandy
1 part Tanqueray
Splash cranberry juice
Squeeze of lime
Shake, pour over ice in an old fashioned glass
Top with club soda

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