Wednesday, April 2, 2008

WBW #44 French Cabernet Franc

2004 Chinon Cuvée des Tireaux
First of all, shout-out to the Wine Library where I bought this wine. Now that WLTV is so hot, being from North Jersey is something to brag about. But onto the wine.
Being a newbie to Cab Franc, I can better describe what this wine isn’t than what it is. It isn’t dark. It isn’t heavy. It doesn’t smell like jam. I drink a lot of French wine and this is a different animal than the Bordeaux/Burgundy/Côtes de Rhône/Beaujolais/Chateauneuf du Pape I’ve had. It seems to have a mineral quality I’m much more accustomed to in white wine. It’s a light-colored red, light bodied as well. It slips over the tongue without packing a wallop of fruit and tannin, unlike many Cabernet Sauvignons (which, by the way, I often enjoy). On the nose, I’m probably picking up something slightly vegetal, as is said about the varietal. I quite enjoyed this wine. There was a nice amount of acid, good balance, and nothing overpowering—very food friendly. I’ll be back to try more.


  1. Most Chinon is slightly vegetal when young. Try to stow one away for 6-10 years. I bet it will be a different animal by then.

  2. Thanks for the aging tip. This was actually the oldest I could find at my store. Actually, I thought the flavor was quite good and only picked up vegetal notes on the nose. I read your WBW submission--your wine sounds like quite a find.